Polar Skate Co. Spring 16' Collection

POLAR Skate Co. was founded by the legendary Pontus Alv. What's POLAR about? Best let him explain it in his own words... "Polar Skate Co. is a platform where we can express our ideas and visions on all levels. We produce products and express our ideas in graphics, adverts, a skate team and so on. The main idea behind it is to inspire others to inspire themselves. I want Polar to set an example on what a skateboard company can be about. We express ourselves on many different levels, artwork, photography and film pieces and much more. It is a wonderful thing to have a place and an output for all of your dreams. I am in charge and we do whatever we believe in."

With this seasonal offering from Polar Skate, we see a wide variety of product including the infamous Polar Skate Club Coach Jacket, a return from the classic Stroke, Fill T-Shirts and an update on the popular No-Comply 6 Panel in this season's colours. 

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