Most Things Haven't Worked Out by Devin Guiney

Most Things Haven't Worked Out (MTHWO) premiered at the House of Vans Toronto and was a showcase of Devin Guiney's last few years with the homies. Few know that within recent years, Devin had a technical glitch with his hard drive about three years ago which resulted in the loss of footage predating that time. 

Devin was interviewed in one of the latest issues of King Shit explaining that the statement (MTHWO) comes from a song entitled just that, performed by Junior Kimborough. "...just a general statement about most people in a lower class lifestyle...things are fine, no complaints really, but most things have bee a little fucked up (laughs)."

Within the last two years Devin has been filming constantly, taking trips over the border with most of our team and cultivating a video. At first he envisioned just an edit of clips from all the homies and skaters he bumped into, however, in the end it became another video.

Watch Donovan Jones, Koty Brown, and Wade Desarmo's part which includes clips from all the homies.