Mehrathon Trading

Based out of Montreal, Mehrathon Trading has always had the best interest of Adrift and our family. Supporting our team, shop and family since day one, we've built a relationship that excels past the typical distribution to retail interaction. To say the least, we couldn't have been more excited for Raj and Mehrathon Trading to expand their horizons into a private label. 

Available in-store and online at 11am on March 11th, 2016. This is the first release from Mehrathon Trading Shop Here

"I was in the garage one rainy summer afternoon, when my brother showed up with a Vision Ken Park that he had stolen from the local arcade. I remember being infatuated with this pro model skateboard my brother was holding in his hands. The graphics were mostly all scratched off and the trucks were grinded down to the axle, but this did not resemble the Variflex deck I got from “Toys R Us”! This is the earliest memory and probably the first time I was introduced to the world of professional skateboarding. In those days there were no sponsors, if you were lucky, your local skate shop would give you a discount and some stickers. Everybody had this big dream of what California was like and pros were untouchable. With that being said, skaters would form their own crews and teams that represented their style, attitude and area. We were known as team Marathon because of how much we skated and the distance we traveled to skate. Through the years skateboarding grew and grew. Quickly from outcast status we have now become one of the subcultures that dictates what is cool.

Team Marathon lives on 20 years later, now as a distribution company, representing some of the very best in skateboarding and lifestyle. Mehrathon is the combination of the last name of Raj and Neel Mehra and their old skate crew Marathon. We have always been dedicated to good times and good people. We strive for only the best and to grow the Mehrathon family."

Raj Mehra
Marathon Jr.