House of Vans Toronto

During the end of March, Toronto was given the opportunity to host a world renowned House of Vans. Gutting out a warehouse space and transforming it into a showcase of events and history celebrating Vans' 50th anniversary. From March 16th to April 2nd we were given an intimate look into the rich history which cultivated the brand's growth shown in multifaceted activations and events.

House of Vans Toronto housed it's own DIY skatepark and was open to public. However the team at Kingshit had teamed up with Vans to showcase the skateshops of Toronto, giving each team a set time frame to film and edit a part, to be judged by a panel from Vans and Kingshit.

We were limited to bring only a few members of the team which consisted of Jacob Williams, Donovan Jones, Will Cohen, Kirk Roach, Christopher Shannon, Shayne Eldridge and Justin David, featuring the homies Wade Desarmo and Keith Simmons (in order of appearance.)

S/O to shop homie Tomas Morrison / @getjuiced 

Watch our edit here and on the Kingshit website.