Adrift Motorsport HO16

Adrift has been around for a little over 10 years here in Toronto, and we've come a long way. No way would we have been here without the support we've received from you and your friends. We are proud to announce that we will be releasing a new batch of #madeincanada fleece in the Holiday 16' Motorsport collection. We've teamed up with young gun, Reed Hollett, once again to release a limited run of heavyweight fleece, a limited run in the Script and Motorsport lapel pins, a restock in the Motorsport t-shirts in all four colours and a the Battery shop deck. 

Motorsport Zips - $125 CAD

Motorsport Crews - $110 CAD

Battery deck - $60 CAD

Motorsport T-Shirts - $35 CAD

Script and Motorsport pins - $10 CAD each

The whole collection will be available Saturday 11/05/16 at 11am EST instore and 8pm EST the same day online at