Boys of Summer HO16

We will never know the infinite amount of ideas going through any given persons brain, and for that we will not ask questions when the OG's from Boys of Summer release another capsule collection of designs. What originally started as a compilation video, featuring some of the most iconic professional skateboarders and industry heads of our business, Boys of Summer has grown into a low-key graphic heavy brand.

Click here to read the original article and watch the video that sparked off the brain child known as Boys of Summer featuring Eric Dressen, Andrew Reynolds, Jerry Hsu, Alex Olson, and Andrew Allen just to name a few.

For this holiday season, Boys of Summer offers graphics that are inspired by local businesses and dated artwork. A wide array of colours and themes fall across the t-shirt heavy collection which is screen printed atop Made in California heavyweight 100% cotton t-shirts.

Shop the whole collection on January 16th 2017 at 11am EST instore and here at the same day at 8pm EST