Polar Skate Co. HO16

Polar Skate Co. has launched their last collection of 2016 showcasing a selective queue of colours and silhouettes. We've only partnered up with Polar in the last couple of years, however we have looked forward to each and every installment to their brand. Attention to detail and staying true to traditional garments have been a common theme across their offerings, staying consistent Polar is offering Bomber jackets, Sherpa Outerwear, 6 Panel Hats and accessories.

Shop the whole collection here.


Marta Roses Longsleeve in White $55 CAD

Happy Sad Tote Bag in Black $40 CAD

90's Jean in Light Blue $100 CAD

Bomber Jacket in Bronze $180 CAD

Stroke Logo T-Shirt in Caramel $45 CAD

Default Hoodie in Sports Grey $110 CAD

90's Jean in Black $100 CAD

Halberg Fleece in Navy $180 CAD

Striped Pique Polo in Navy $68 CAD

Hip Fanny in Navy $40 CAD

90's Jean in Black $100 CAD

Happy Sad Classic Sock in Pastel Yellow $17 CAD


Flat Corduroy 6 Panel in Navy $50 CAD

Doodle Hoodie in Navy $110 CAD

Bomber Jacket in Black $180 CAD

Happy Sad Tote in Black $40 CAD

Hip Fanny in Navy $40 CAD


Merino Wool Beanie in Navy $60 CAD

Thermo Shell in Black $180 CAD

Happy Sad Tote in Dark Prune $40 CAD

Happy Sad Socks in Dark Purple $17 CAD