The Bunt Live at House of Vans Toronto

House of Vans Toronto will kick off at 8pm on Thursday, March 30 with a live interview featuring Vans Skate Pro, Elijah Berle, hosted by Cephas Benson and Donovan Jones of The Bunt. A first for Toronto’s The Bunt, Elijah will be interviewed before an audience in a casual and intimate setting.  Attendance is open and will be streamed live on the official @Vans Skate’s Instagram for those who can’t make it.

If you aren't already familiar with the duo who run The Bunt, you can familiarize yourself with their latest interview from

You can listen to all of their previous podcasts here on (on the top navigation bar, to the right, little bit more - yeah that one click that)

Co-Hosts of The Bunt Live and Adrift team riders, Donovan Jones and Cephas Benson. Photographed by Anthony Robert-Frigon

Cephas Benson, by Will Jivcoff

Donovan Jones, by Will Jivcoff