MA 1 Flight Jacket Green

$260.00 CAD

Deus Ex MA 1 Flight Jacket in Green

  • Introduced in the mid-1950s, the MA-1 became the official flight jacket of U.S. Air Force and Navy pilots and ground crew. This iconic silhouette provided a convenient canvas for aviators to express themselves through customisation. Personal adornments were expressions of individuality surfacing in reaction to the enforced uniformity of military life. Embellished MA-1 jackets became a sacred talisman providing humour and hope in the uncertain world of military combat.
  • In further collaboration with Alpha Industries, we are pleased to introduce three more stunning colours for Autumn 2017.
  • This bomber jacket features full lining, side and internal jet pockets, utility sleeve pockets with Deus x Alpha zip puller trims and further Deus embroidery on the front and back, with 100% nylon overall construction, 100% nylon lining construction and 100% polyester quilting fabrication.